Ouvrons les yeux !


The work of Nigerian digital artist Oyi Sands aims to depict surreal landscapes that highlight the juxtaposition between environmental beauty and industrialisation.

Through abstract and surreal interpretations, she seeks to explore the tension between progress and environmental degradation, highlighting the urgent need for sustainable development practices.

By capturing the visual contrast between environmental degradation and its possible evolution, Oyi hopes to inspire reflection and action to mitigate the impact of human activity on the environment.


Of Tunnels and Lights

More often than not, a beacon of hope doesn’t always look like what we think it should, or what we expect. Usually, hope is a tiny change in the wind.

It starts small and is hardly visible. We are more likely to miss the subtle signs at the beginning, more likely to overlook the chance to nurture such a delicately small proof of life in a cause.

Hope begins as a rumor, a piece of gossip, or a polite interaction with a stranger at the bus terminal.

It’s a promise that the future is not as bleak as believed because if this one thoughtful stranger exists, then surely, thousands more exist in different places. And if you can see and appreciate that, then others can see them too and maybe, just maybe, like you, decide to pay it forward.

Hope is random.

Hope is unexpected. Hope starts small.

Hope is soft and quiet..

The Circle of Change

In an ideal world, every voice should hold weight. In such a world, the few entrusted with collective well-being would fulfil their roles driven by a deep empathy that places the importance of life above all.

What happens when we find ourselves guided to dangerous edges by the very hands that are meant to safeguard our liberties and lives? Hands that seem to overlook the natural cycles and the deep ties that bind everything. It suggests that there’s no respite for anyone, and the very things they cherish might eventually disintegrate.

What can be said when vision fails them, and they overlook the flames that start to lick at their own seats of power?

Amid these trials, the murmurs of dissent begin to intensify, voicing the grievances of those often overlooked. The fractures in established structures grow more apparent, exposing the unfortunate truth that self-preservation might sometimes overshadow the welfare of the community.

Yet, there remains a beacon of hope. For every threatening blaze, there are individuals ready to rise, bound by a shared resolve to drive transformation. Their voices will not be stifled; instead, they gather strength, advocating for transparency and righteousness.

In these challenging times, the significance of solidarity and understanding comes sharply into focus. It’s a call for everyone to stand up and make their presence known, contributing their voices to the collective striving for a world where dignity, empathy, and fairness prevail.